Klimaflucht - 24. September to 3. October 2022

The traveling exhibition CLIMATE ESCAPE was designed by Ria Papadopoulu, who won the selection competition among students of the master's course
Stage design and scenic space at the Technical University of Berlin.
The idea: to focus on individual destinies. 14 stories represent people from all regions of the world who have become victims of the global
become a climate catastrophe and make us aware of our responsibility. In short audio contributions, visitors experience a wide variety of fates and perspectives as well as information on the consequences of climate change and the opportunity to deal with their own ecological footprint. Part of the concept was finally implemented as a traveling exhibition by the German Climate Foundation in cooperation with the German Society for the United Nations (DGVN).
In the traveling exhibition CLIMATE ESCAPE, 14 life-size figures talk about their fates, worries and hopes in audio clips. Every 14th
Stories stand for 14 real people from all parts of the world. And although they come from a wide variety of climates, all have
something in common: they had to leave their homes due to environmental factors. The 14 figures make the visitor
Background information on environmental migration, the effects of climate change in different parts of the world and the size of the ecological footprint in each country.

A traveling exhibition of the German Climate Foundation, presented by the climate protection management
City of Reinbek.


Lecture and vernissage on Saturday, September 24 at
4 p.m. Admission free, please register at klimaschutz(at)reinbek.de.